Shooting miraculous pictures in a dark night

Shooting in the dark night in Australia, is an art that needs attention to the details and a perfect strategy to capture the image with all its features. In Australia, people have a lot of chances to have clear dark nights with lots of stars in the sky. For photographers who are using gopro cameras or canon powershot or cameras like Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Canon EOS 760D can enjoy a lot of creative imaging while these cameras are there to assist.

So, if you also love to shoot pictures in a dark, clear night, you have to get any of such cameras to make sure you are not going to take dark, plain shots with nothing in it to see.

Here are a few tips you may use to get the best results even when you are not a pro photographer:

Create and shoot star trails using a camera

You can create star trails by using a camera having digital features that offer shutter speed control and ISO speed settings. Canon EOS 750D and Canon EOS 6D can help you get this done in a perfect manner.

Keeping the extraneous variable constant

Use the longer exposure shutter speeds, to create a long trails effect

Canon digital cameras and canon digital SLR cameras come with excellent customization options allow photographers to apply long exposure, shutter speeds to create long and slanting trails of the stars. You may also use Nikon D750 or Nikon D810 for such an experiment as well. But cannon has got better options.

Use wide aperture with no flash

Using a wide aperture and no flash to get the best details in a dark night. You should also apply higher ISO speed to get you crisp results.

All these settings can help you get crisp and better results even in the dark.

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